Lying in bed, sick, hugging close,

her favorite person in the whole world,

She said, “I can write better than you, Mom”, 

as I was heading out to learn how to write

She was not exaggerating. For a five year old,

she had hand made a tiny book

And written a whole story,

about a fun imaginary birthday party

“Self published, already!”, I remember thinking.

“Mom, do you want to learn about pool?” ,

her twin brother asked me last night

“Not really. I have a meeting”, 

I wanted to say but didn’t

Not waiting for an answer,

he drew me a picture of a pool table and taught me strategy

How extra cute he looked with his new short hair,

how perfectly he was holding his pencil!

“How do you know so much about pool?”, I asked.

“Practice makes it perfect”, he smiled and said

Kids don’t make plans,

They just do

I want to learn more from my kids,

than I teach them this year